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There is a support day for Transgender people and their family and friends at Leeds Art Gallery on Saturday 6th September, 12.30 – 4pm, and as part of this there is a Human Library event taking place and volunteers are required to go along to the event and participate as a ‘Human Book’?

What is it?

The Human Library idea started in various local library services a few years ago, and is a great way of communities sharing stories and listening to the experiences of others. The idea is that someone is a ‘human book’ and can be booked out by a visitor for a one-to-one session of 20-30 minutes. In this time, the ‘human book’ tells their life story to the borrower, and the borrower listens and asks questions of the book. We are aiming for approximately 15-18 ‘books’ to be available to borrow.

What will be expected of me if I volunteer?

Whatever our gender identification, we all have a gender story. We would like to invite you to tell the story of, or a story from, your life that has gender connected in as a theme somehow. The story is to last 20 minutes and then there’ll be 10 minutes for the person who has ‘borrowed you’ to chat and ask questions. You will be given a desk to sit at in the Henry Moore room for a one-to-one audience. If you would prefer to have a private space to tell your story in, we have a number of small rooms available for this too. The event starts at 12.30 and ends at 4pm, but I will be running an open workshop / confidence-building session from 11am for anyone who wants to come and try their story out one-to-one or with the other ‘human books’, for support and feedback.You can be a book for part or all of the afternoon, and take breaks as and when you need. Remember that it is your story – what you choose to tell or not tell is entirely up to you and we encourage you to find a story of or from your life that you will enjoy sharing.

Who can volunteer?

We urge anyone who is interested in telling their story to come and be a book. If you like the idea of it, but are unsure where to start telling your story, you are welcome to contact me at Cast-Off Drama or come from 11am on the 6th September to build the story on the day. We welcome anyone of any gender identification – Trans*, gender-variant, gender queer, non-binary gendered and cis-gendered. Gender shapes all our lives and we all have a story to tell. The event is however aimed at people who identify as Trans*, gender-variant and non-binary gendered as a support for their friends and families. We are therefore particularly keen to encourage people from these groups – also, friends and family of Trans* people who may have a story that may help others – to volunteer as ‘human books’.

Can I volunteer as a ‘book’ for an organisation?

Yes. It is important however to tell a story and not just present what your services offer in the usual way. We suggest that you tell the gender story of your organisation. How did your organisation start? What’s its ‘life story’? How did it come to address gender in its ways of working? How does it support and empower people in their gender journey or broaden understandings of gender through its services? You may choose of course to tell your own story in connection to your organisation. What’s your gender story and how does it relate to what you do in the organisation? If you wish to discuss how to shape your story, please contact me at Cast-Off Drama, or come to the gallery from 11am on the day.

Who will the ‘borrowers’ be?

The event will be attended by friends and family of Trans* people from across West Yorkshire who have been contacted via support organisations, also through posters distributed in the public domain. It has been made clear on the marketing, and we will emphasise on the day, that the event is intended to support Trans* people. If for any reason you feel uncomfortable at any time, you are welcome to take a break and ask the borrower to choose another book. We will also be on hand to support you on this.


For any more information, please contact me at Cast-Off Drama by e-mail: [email protected] For further information on the Trans* Friends and Family Support Day on the 6th September, also for information on the Free Training Day for Professionals and Voluntary Workers in working with LGBT* Service-Users on the 5th September, please contact Jude at Leeds Art Gallery on 0113 247 7120, e-mail: [email protected] Information on the international Human Library initiative and how it has worked elsewhere can be found at – .


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Putting Barnsley People First

End of Life Care – We’re developing a website for patients, carers, families and health and social care professionals and we’d like you to help shape it.

Thank you for your interest in shaping health services in Barnsley and for being part of the OPEN network.

We are currently asking people to share their thoughts and experiences about end of life care to help us develop a website for patients, carers, families and health and social care professionals.

We want to understand what information is needed in order to support people to live as well as possible until they die and to die with dignity. We know that people access information from a range of sources and a website with local information is just one of those many ways.

We would like to understand what information would help you either as a patient, family member, carer, or friend to understand what assists you.

If you would like to share your thoughts on what we should include on this website, please email them to [email protected] by Wednesday 20th August 2014. Alternatively you can send them in writing to: FREEPOST RTCH-GAZH-TZJH, Public and Patient Engagement Team, NHS Barnsley CGG, Hillder House, 49/51 Gawber Road, Barnsley, S75 2PY (no stamp required).

We’d also like to ask people about what they think to the look and ease of use of the website. If you would like to do this then please let us have your contact details: name and email address and we will be in touch soon.

Thank you for taking the time to feedback, your thoughts are much appreciated.

Kirsty Waknell
NHS Barnsley CCG Communications team


Sorry it’s such short notice but due to the absence of several key members of the forum’s board, we’ve made the decision to cancel tonight’s meeting.

The next meeting will be towards the end of August. We’ll let you know as soon as we arrange the date.

Please accept our apologies for ruined plans and wasted journeys.

The Dearne FM Radio Hate Crime Campaign went live on Monday 14th July 2014. It’s a 12 week campaign and you can hear the experiences of some victims of hate crime on the Dearne FM website. You can find useful information on hate crime on the South Yorkshire Police website, and there is also more information available at the Barnsley MBC website.

If you believe you have been a victim of hate crime or have seen hate crime being committed, don’t stay silent, speak up. You can report incidents of hate crime if you were the victim or if you were a witness.

South Yorkshire Police and Crime CommissionerLater this year Police and Crime Commissioners will take responsibility for commissioning victims services and as part of Shaun Wright’s consultation with the public, he is asking residents of South Yorkshire to be the driving force behind his plans.

The Victims’ Code of Practice came into effect in December, which aimed to improve the services offered to those who become victims of crime. Shaun Wright, the Commissioner for South Yorkshire, is asking victims to tell him about their experiences, so that he can ensure funding is directed in the most effective and useful way. He said, “It is really important for me to fully understand the experiences of victims before I begin commissioning work to help them.

“I would urge anyone that has been a victim of crime to take part in this consultation. I want to know about their experiences, so that I can ensure victims receive the best service, tailored to their individual needs, to help them recover from the experience and move on with their lives.”

The Commissioner’s aim is to simplify and improve the experience of victims by taking their views into account and ensuring they have access to appropriate support. It is important that as many experiences of the police, criminal justice service and support services are taken into consideration to direct future support for victims. In particular the Commissioner would like to know what support was needed at each stage of the process and whether or not it was provided.

There are two surveys available on the Police and Crime Commissioners website

The Commissioner would like as many people as possible to complete them, either as a victim of crime, or member of the public, so he can commission work according to the findings.

Are you aged 13 – 19?

Are you lesbian, gay, transgender or questioning your sexualty?

You are not alone! Come to our safe, fun, supportive LGBT Youth Group.

Click the poster for more information.

Click to download the leaflet

Click to download the leaflet


SWYP receive their Rainbow Tick certificates

SWYP receive their Rainbow Tick certificates

We are pleased to report that the South and West Yorkshire Partnership (the local NHS Foundation trust) has been awarded the Rainbow Tick.

The award recognises their continued commitment to equality and diversity and marks the Trust as a safe and inclusive environment for service users and staff.

By displaying the Rainbow Tick, the Trust reaffirms its view that hate crime, harassment and negative behavior will not be tolerated.

Read more here.

Working Together To Reduce Smoking Prevalence In Barnsley

Barnsley’s Specialist Stop Smoking Service offers stop smoking support to individuals, groups and workplaces within the Barnsley area.

We are raising awareness about our service and would love the opportunity to come and talk to your group.

Even if no one in the group smokes, most people will probably know someone who does who could benefit from our support.

The Service is happy to bring out a few of our service packs to pass on to people.

Please help us spread the word!

Just give us a call or email me.

Telephone: 01226 737077
Email: [email protected]

We look forward to hearing from you.

Barnsley Stop Smoking Service, 12-14 Eldon Street, Barnsley, South Yorkshire, S70 2JB
Website: Email: [email protected]

On Saturday 21st June 2014 360 Engagement will be holding Barnsley’s first ever equality conference, where we will be celebrating the work of the equality forums over the last year.

We will also see the launch of the Faith in Barnsley Forum and the new Hate Crime Strategy that the equality forums have contributed to.

As usual there will be other workshops where you can input to change in Barnsley and of course there will be ethnic food and refreshments on the day.

All this will culminate in the Equality Forum Awards where you will be able to recognise the outstanding work of some of the forum members.

Please put the date in your diary, it will be at Barnsley Town Hall and will begin at 10:00 and will last until 15:30.

If you would like to book your place in advance please email with your details to [email protected] or contact Roya on 07429 028705

Next Meeting

Next meeting Friday 19th September from 6pm in The Core off County Way, Barnsley.