Rainbow Tick

In Barnsley, the LGBT community has called for a certification mark to demonstrate LGBT friendly and LGBT safe organisations, businesses and venues; the Rainbow tick. This mark will be used as:An award to organisations, businesses and venues,in recognition of their commitment to, and demonstration of, equality and inclusive policies,practices and behaviour for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender communities.The Barnsley LGBT Forum has developed this certification mark and will provide clear assessment.criteria to work from and on-going guidance and advice to achieve the mark.

Benefits of the Rainbow Tick

The benefits to businesses and stakeholders:

The Rainbow Tick will support the successful organisations by promoting them to the LGBT communities via web links and other media

Acting as a medium to promote the successful organisation to other LGBT companies

The Rainbow Tick will enhanced the Stakeholders reputation for inclusiveness and equality good practices

To demonstrate that the successful organisation is a safe organisation where the LGBT community can feel and supported

Statutory organisations prefer to work with ethical businesses and those who can demonstrate a commitment to equality and inclusive practices

The Rainbow Tick is a good way to demonstrate core values

To make the LGBT community feel respected and supported

To improve the health & well being of the LGBT community, to breakdown barriers and reduce hate crime

Successful Holder of the Award:

Acknowledges that this is an annual award and is assessed against a strict criteria and scoring system undertaken by qualified teacher assessors who have many years of assessing experience and qualifications within the teaching industry.

Organisations who are successful with obtaining the Rainbow Tick will receive either the

  • Rainbow Tick Gold award for high quality ethics & practices towards the LGBT communities
  • Rainbow Tick Silver award for continued development of ethics and practice stowards LGBT Communities
  • Rainbow Tick Bronze award for developing ethics and practices to the LGBT community

Statement of Commitment

The LGBT Forum believe the Rainbow tick should have a statement of commitment which organisations and venues should ‘sign up’ to before being awarded the Rainbow Tick certification mark.The organisation will be subject to an assessment that will be carried out for each organisation, business and venue, to evaluate how they meet the statement of commitment in order to be awarded the certification mark, using specific criteria and feedback from the general public. Were necessary an action plan will be introduced.

Holders of the Rainbow Tick

  • Barnsley Premier Leisure
  • Barnsley Hospital
  • Barnsley Library service
  • South West Yorkshire NHS Trust
  • York Housing
  • Barnsley CAB
  • Barnsley college health and well being centre and students union